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Alternative Septic Systems

Some areas in and around the valley require an Alternative Septic System, we can design and install that for you!! Our Engineers have extensive knowledge in this area and the different systems available to you. Call Chris and set up an appointment to go over your needs.

Alternative septic
Alternative septic
Alternative septic/>

Some locations require additional treatment prior to dispersal into the drainfield due to smaller lot size, shallow water tables or soil limitations.

Alternative treatment technologies or “ATTs” are devices that can be connected to a standard septic system and are designed to provide additional treatment in order to protect your health and the environment. An easy solution, if it is practical, is to install a Wicosnsin Mound.

ATTs provide a high level of treatment to wastewater. The process to treat wastewater may include one or more of the follwing: blowers, compressors, pumps, floats and switches.

Altenative Septic System Types

There are several popular types of altenativs septic systems. The include: