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Septic System Permits

Getting A Permit To Install A Septic System

You, your builder, or your septic installation contractor will need to apply for a permit. Typically these are issued by authorized permitting agencies of the state. In most states authorized permitting agencies are at the county level, often at the County Board of Health. In localites where aerobic systems are virtually universally required, you may be required to personally file the permit application. This is because you will be personally involved in running an active waste treatment plant and the local authorities want to make certain that you understand the maintence steps you will need to perform to keep your plant operating effectively.

The typical application package will include the results of the professional engineer's site evaluation, a property plan showing location of the proposed dwelling, driveway, sewage lines, tanks, and absorption field, and any ponds, tanks or adjacent lakes. The application will also require a floor plan for the site, indicating rooms, closets, and total heated/air conditioned floorspace. It will also include several copies of the proposed design of the septic sytem and a map showing the property location. There will probably also be a requirement for a floodplain certificate, and the identification of a suitable second absorption field, should the initial absorption field fail at some future time and need to be replaced.

In Pima County, the PDEQ reviews and approves plans for ALTERNATIVE onsite wastewater treatment facilities and the Pima County Development Services Department (DSD) reviews and approves plans for CONVENTIONAL onsite wastewater treatment facilities in order to ensure that they are designed and constructed in accordance with the Arizona State Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) Rules and the Pima County Code.

Permit Acceptance or Modification

Your local permitting agency will review your permit and determine if the proposed design meets local codes and regulations. If not, the application will be disappoved and you will be notified about any required design changes. In some instances you may be required to change from a proposed conventional system to an altenative septic system. In these instances you will be required to resubmit your application. An additional application fee may also be required.